Rather unexpected welcoming little one.

Life doesn't always go as planned. A reminder we maybe all need occasionally, and sometimes those unexpected moments create that absolutely perfect experience.

When Karmyn and I met she had a full birth plan. She showed me her candles to create a calming birth experience, she had a wall full of positive affirmations above where the birthing tub would go, and she figured nine - ten hours of labor. Her past two had ranged from twelve to fifteen, but she expected shorter with a home birth.

I got the "we're in labor text!!!" at 9:17 AM on Thursday, January 27th and let her know I was on the way and to let me know if she needed anything. My bag had been packed and ready to go sitting at the door, my tripod and gimbal waiting patiently in the car. At 10:20 she texted me to let me know that baby was here. I started to text "are you punking me?!" how was labor that quick?!

But, I just let her know I was almost there and ready for post partum photos.

I arrived to a incredible, peaceful environment and family so full of love. The new grandparents and aunts all joking that this meant one more would need to be had so they could be there. Thankfully dad and the midwives arrived in time!

Winslet Revord was born at 10:13 AM, weighing in at a perfect 7 lbs 5 oz and measuring 21 inches long. Perfect cheeks, those baby toes we all know and love, and the most calm temperament a parent could hope for.

It may not have been her birth plan, but spending the day getting to know the family, experiencing their love and capturing the moments after birth are no less special than during the actual labor. There are many things we have no control of, a baby deciding it's their time is no exception. But life is full of the unexpected, those unexpected moments tend to bring us our biggest blessings.