Posing is hard!

I know it's awkward and uncomfortable.

"What do I do with my hands?"

"What do you mean move my chin up?"

"Do I look at you?"

You'd think as photographers we'd be naturals at it, but being on the other side of the camera is just as weird for us. But it's my goal to keep you moving, capture photos that are natural, and make you as comfortable as possible to get the real you in your photos.

Here's some tips, tricks, and info to help ditch that pre-shoot anxiety and how I bring the real you out in your photos.

Building Rapport

A bit of chit-chat will help distract you from how nervous you feel. Before I pick up my camera, most likely while we're walking to our location, I'll take some time to just get to know you and be in the moment. Simple things - asking about your day, your kids, your hobbies, whatever! It'll literally be wherever the conversation goes - as long as I'm getting you out of your head, making you comfortable, and building a connection.

My One Rule

You didn't expect rules, huh? Well if you remember nothing else, let this be it - for the entire session, keep as many limbs touching as possible with the pose I give you. This works whether it's one person, an extended family, or a football team. It'll make it look like you actually like one another (which I mean...I hope you do). You'll most likely need a bit of reminding, don't worry, I'll do it.

Walk it Out

One your relaxed and attached at the hip, I'll get you to walk and talk. This helps you relax and loosen up (plus the talking part helps you not be fixated on the camera pointing at you). I'll most likely build on it - getting you to bump hips, walk like you're drunk, or dance - whatever gets you moving. Once we've gotten through these candid shots we'll start diving into my favorite poses and shoot the good stuff!

Posing & Prompts

The technical stuff does come first. How's the lighting? Is there a branch in the way? Yada, yada, you get the drill. Once I've got you posed comfortably (not awkwardly) in good lighting and frame, I'll start with the prompts. Expect a variety depending on the mood we're trying to capture. Funny, calm, happy, intimate, you name it.

Pose Types

There's some for every couple and shoot.


These are the big-mouthed, extroverted kind. They involve exaggerated movement and energy.


These are the more intimate poses. Quiet, delicate, and sweet. Cue all those warm fuzzies.

Flexibility (with me)

Most of the time that magic really happens when I step back and let the chemistry naturally happen, sometimes completely undirected. As much as I'll pose you, I'll also allow you to simply connect with each other and come into poses when it's needed. This gives you space to let your own expression shine, and these undirected images often end up being everyone's favorites.