Another studio renovation is done!

If you're a long-time client of mine, you know that I had spent the greater portion of 2022 in a shared studio with another photographer. Sadly the space never felt truly like mine, or represented my personality. So, I made the tough decision to walk away from it and stop studio sessions until I found a space that was somewhere I could make mine, stay in, and also grow in.

The opportunity presented itself in September and once Hell's Half Mile Film Festival was done I buckled down on quickly renovating the space....quick renovations seem to be a trend of mine, huh?

You'll find a layout almost exactly the same as the last, even if the space never felt like mine, the layout was something I truly loved for shooting. But, while the layout is almost identical, the feel is entirely mine. I stepped away from the cooler tones and brought in natural textures, warm colors, and leaned more into a neutral boho feel.

Throughout the studio you'll find a variety of pillows, plants, furniture pieces, and decor accessories - meaning we can customize aspects to make your shoots feel like well, you!

Not photographed is a seamless backdrop system that will always feature black, white, and cream backdrops (though additional colors will periodically be added). As well as the headshot backdrops you all know and love.

If you're a photographer stay tuned, I'll be renting out the space same as we did with the previous studio. I just need a week or so to breathe after knocking this out.